Yay! It is Friday!  Oh, wait I’m a mom.   Even so, there is something about the weekends that just seem slower paced and a great time to regroup after a wild week with being at home with the kids.  The weekends here at the Browne house are very laid back.  Our family usually tries to find things to do that cost little or no money.  So usually we are home (which I actually like–I’m a homebody).  Occasionally, we will rent a redbox movie, or go to the mall and just browse.  Picnics in the park are fun too, but we only will do those when the weather is warmer.

A couple of weeks ago, it felt like spring so we ended going to our favorite nature park for a long stroll.  imageimageimageimage
The kids loved rolling down the grassy hills and watching the geese in the near by pond.

I love doing things that the whole family can enjoy and save money while having fun!

What do you do on the weekends?  If you have any tips let me know!


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  1. Our family loves to go outside, too! We also really enjoy art projects, and I find tons of cute ideas on pintrest. I’ve learned that the messier it is, the more they will love it!

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