The Hidden Life

As a mother, I think it’s hard for us to see value in our work because it’s so hidden from everyone and at the end of the day, we have little proof to show of our work.  But does being noticed really make our work have more value?  No. Deep down,  I know this is a human longing, to want some kind of acknowledgement for our work, to feel like we’ve accomplished something.  And while it is good to know we did a job well done, however needing affirmation from others is not necessary.

We should take comfort that God sees us and His recognition is all that really matters.   He sees us in the early morning feedings, in the multiple diaper changes, and even the loads of laundry.  As St. Teresa of Avila said,

“God walks amongst the pots and pans.”

He is with us in the little things.  It is we who forget that He is here with us because we think they are too simple and ordinary.

When we start wanting to be noticed by others I believe it is proof that our prayer life is lacking (I only know this from experience).

When we seek attention from others we aren’t having dialogue with God, we aren’t making our work into a prayer to Him, thus our daily tasks become empty.

I know we want to do things with pure intentions, but our human desires want us to be recognized. We have to learn to pray while we work and ask God for the grace to not care about what the world thinks of us, but to do things solely for Him, for his glory and love.

But the Lord allowed her no rest until she let go of everything that bound her and really became serious about recognizing that God alone suffices.” – Edith Stein

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