Hi! I’m so happy that you are here!

My name is Hayley, and I’m the woman behind The Browne Bunch, who happens to be a wife and mother!

My husband, Andrew and I have been married since August 2010.  I first met Andrew at a copy shop and jokingly said I would marry him one day.  True story.  Since then we have had a few kids, Fulton, Isaac, and Zélie!  We currently live in Silver Spring, Maryland, but are originally from Oklahoma.  Our hope is to move back one day, but for now we are enjoying the east coast.

Since 2012, I have had the opportunity to be at home with our kids.  As a stay at home mom, there are many joys, as well as challenges.

The Browne Bunch blog is a creative outlet for me to share different interests of mine (and hopefully of yours too)!  Most importantly though, it is to be a reminder to focus on taking loving care of little things.

Most of us dream of dazzling deeds, but those rarely occur.  However, the majority of us never lack opportunities in the small and little things.

It is easy to think that little things, ordinary tasks done each day, such as folding the laundry or doing the dishes don’t have any value, so they get put off or only done half-heartedly.

However, little things have hidden beauty and meaning when loving care is given.  Little tasks that seem insignificant actually have great worth. No longer remains little things, only big things because love is the secret.

Love gives life to all things.

My hope with this blog is to encourage you dear reader in some way.  May we joyfully tend to our daily duties knowing there is hidden meaning in the mundane!