Pie For Pi Day!

In honor March 14th or Pi Day (3.14),  I decided to share a pie I made with hearts (to show my love for pie).  It was so fun just playing around with the dough and coming up with a design.  What inspired me, you ask? I recently came across a gorgeous pie that had intricate details of roses and leaves.  It truly was a piece of art.  It made me want to practice something and get creative.  I have always loved baking since I was little, but deep down have feared to try something too challenging.   Once I saw that beautiful floral pie, I knew I needed to stop playing it safe.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we all have a creative abilities whether we realize it or not. Sometimes we just need a little push to get our creative juices flowing.  My challenge to you is to do something that you consider fun, but is still hard.   It could be baking, drawing, painting, photography, or even a musical instrument. All of us have God given gifts and we should use them.  With a little practice we can polish our talents and use them for others.  Whatever it is just dive right in and be daring!

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