Creating New Coffee Habits

Today is National Coffee Day!  Most of my family and friends know I have a thing for coffee.  Buy me a coffee or brew me some coffee and I am the happiest person. What can I say, coffee is my love language!

For awhile, Andy and I would always treat ourselves to Starbucks coffee every Sunday after church.  We started realizing we were spending over $50 a month on syrup, milk, and espresso.  We knew we needed to stop Starbucks and find a cheaper way to enjoy coffee.Nespresso  For awhile, I had been interested in Nespresso.  I read multiple reviews about it and decided that is what we should switch to.  We saved for awhile and then finally bought their Citzi machine and espresso capsules to go with it.  Honestly, I don’t miss Starbucks one bit.  I was afraid our coffee would go down in quality, but that hasn’t been the case.  Our double shots of espresso with cream cost around a $1.50 each, whereas at Starbucks we were spending $5.50 for each drink.   Coffee

Finding ways to save money can be challenging.  However, I’ve come to learn that what we do is out of habit. If we would reevaluate what we are doing and find different ways to do things it can significantly change your spending costs.

Is there something you spend money on without really thinking about it?  If there is just be creative and try to find new ways to do something. You may be surprised and find something you like even better and save money in the process.

Happy National Coffee Day!


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