The Browne Bunch of Debt Story: Part 1

The Browne Bunch of Debt Story starts way back in August 2010 when Andrew and I got married.  Let’s just say my husband was the one that brought all the debt to the marriage.  I inherited it.

handsome groomAndrew had four years of undergraduate student loans and $8,000 in car debt.  It wasn’t a pretty sight for a newly married couple just starting their life together.

The first year of marriage was hard because we were adjusting to learning to live with each other ( I guess lights are to be turned off when you leave a room and the toothpaste cap stays on).  Also, we were being intentional to pay off all our debts with the average income we made.  Oh, and we found out we were expecting our first kid after three months of being married!  A lot was happening.

I was working full time and he was working two jobs, one full-time and the other part-time.  My husband even had to occasionally move from one job to the next since the economy wasn’t doing too well.

Once our son Fulton was born in August 2011,  I went to working part-time. I mean wouldn’t you? Look at that face!  It slowed us down a little, but by March 2012 we had only $3,000 left of student loans and the car was paid for.  We were so close to having everything paid off.  I was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, until my husband decided he needed to go back to school…to be continued.

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